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2365 Sutterville Bypass, Ste. B Sacramento, CA 95822

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"We are committed to providing you with honesty, quality & low prices."

We Accept:

At Andrew's Automotive Repair we understand how important holding on to your hard earned money is, we want to make sure that you receive the best quality repairs for the lowest possible price. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service and satisfied with the amount of money left in your wallet after your visit with us.

Dealerships and most other shops in the Sacramento area charge over $100/ hour, why spend money that you don't need to? Here we have over a decade of experience working for dealerships and prominent independent repair shops, so you can be sure that the repairs you are getting are of the highest quality for a much lower price!!! 

Don't pay these outrageous prices!

If you want to save money and get your vehicle fixed correctly

there's only one place to go: Andrew's Automotive Repair.


Sacramento Area Dealership Pricing 

Honda Dealership- $130/hour

Toyota Dealership- $125/hour

Chevy Dealership- $140/hour

GMC Dealership- $120/ hour

Hyundai Dealership- $125/hour

BMW Dealership- $160/hour

Audi Dealership- $155/hour

Andrew\'s Automotive Repair
Have you been shopping around? Notice that most shops in Sacramento charge an arm and a leg? 
We have prices that can't be beat!